Holistic Health prevents illness and supports higher levels of wellness.

“Holistic Health supports reaching higher levels of wellness as well as preventing illness. People enjoy the vitality and well-being that results from their positive lifestyle changes, and are motivated to continue this process throughout their lives.” – Susan Walter, American Holistic Health Association

The National Institutes of Health, American Heart Association, American Diabetes Association, and Arthritis Foundation now recommend lifestyle interventions (lifestyle medicine) as the “first line of therapy” for treating and reducing the risk of common conditions. Our FirstLine Therapy program can start you on the road to wellness. Call the Comprehensive Center for Women’s Medicine for an appointment at 773-435-1150 to see how we can work together for a healthier you!

Comprehensive Center for Women’s Medicine is a Group Practice founded on the principle of respect for the patient. Their approach is multidisciplinary, holistic and evidence based. They specialize in Internal Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynecology with many related services and are practice gender-specific medicine with an emphasis on patient education.

Comprehensive Center for Women’s Medicine is located at 1 E. Delaware Place in Chicago, Illinois.