Cleanse your Body, Mind and Soul

Did you know our liver is designed to detox automatically? It is the body’s detoxifier, a filter and a fat burning organ. It has this amazing built-in process that breaks down everything from chemicals, preservatives and heavy metals to the food and beverages you ingest. However, for the detox process to work smoothly, your body needs nutritional elements to help it work properly to break down toxins. With our very busy lifestyles and toxic environment, our detoxification mechanisms become overloaded and the process becomes less efficient and symptoms may occur.

It has been suggested that toxic overload contributes to more serious conditions such as autoimmune diseases, inflammatory rheumatoid arthritis and neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

Cleansing is like an oil change for your body. It is the process of removing the buildup of waste and toxins from your organs, blood and cells. A cleanse is done by eliminating foods that leave behind toxins, taking supplements that help flush toxins out and adding clean foods that help reboot your system.

Benefits of a Detox:
• Fat loss (especially legs and abdomen)
• Improved digestion (constipation reduction)
• Reduction in headaches
• Increased energy
• Improved Concentration
• Less join pain and morning stiffness
• Anti-aging effects
• Increased productivity
• Clearer skin and eyes
• Greater motivation and creativity
• Reduction of allergic symptoms
• Improved sleep

Chemicals are everywhere, in the air, food, water, soil, dust and everday products. Over time, a buildup of toxins in your body can make you feel bad. While you may have limited control over your environment, you have a great deal of control over your own body. A Metabolic Detoxification Program can help remove toxins from your body.

By taking action now, you can start to feel re-energized and renewed. Contact one of our health practitioners at CCWM about our detoxification programs.

To your health!

Your Wellness Team at CCWM
Vesna V. Skul. MD, FACP
Danuta K. Hoyer, MD
Helen Shidler, APN/CNP
Helen Stein, RN