Neurological Health

Mood & Cognition Support

An estimated one in four Americans are concerned about neurological health. Comprehensive Center for Women's Medicine has developed a clinically effective family of formulas to support neurological dynamics associated with cognitive and emotional health.




Neurological Health Function Questionnaire

Are you becoming more forgetful?

Do you have lapses in memory?

Are you less attentive?

Are you less interested in normal activities?

Are you feeling less sharp?

Do you have difficulty remembering people’s names?

Do you have difficulty making decisions?

Do you have problems finding the right words to communicate?

Do you have difficulty solving routine problems?

Do you have difficulty learning new things?

Do you have problems writing, reading, or organizing thoughts?

Do you have difficulty following instructions?

Do you have headaches and other aches and pains?

Do you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep?

Do you sweat and have hot flashes in anticipation of events?

Do you feel irritable or short tempered?

Do you have trouble letting things go?

Are you oversleeping or experience sleepiness?

Do you have an increased appetite, especially for carbohydrates?

Have you had a weight gain or weight loss?

Do you have difficulty concentrating and processing information?

Do you have a diminished sexual desire?

Do you misplace and have difficulty finding things?

Do you crave caffeine and stimulants to keep me going?

Do you have stomach problems or nausea?

Do you have difficulty turning off your thoughts when you lay down to sleep?

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